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Why Is It Necessary To Change The SSID And Default Password Of New Belkin Router?

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When you purchase the new router for your home Wi-Fi network, you will find 2 things which are pre-defined by the router’s manufacturer viz: SSID and the password. By making use of these default credentials, you can log in to the account and also allow the wireless devices to connect to the network. However, it is recommended to change the SSID and password after the setup due to number of reasons like online viruses, threat from hackers and access to the router by unauthorized persons.

If a hacker is somehow able to login to the router, then he can make changes to the network and even change the default credentials of your router, after which you can’t log in or connect to the router. So, keeping these factors in mind, you must change the SSID and password of your router through the steps given on the page.

Changing the SSID

The default SSID of the router comprises of the name of the router along with make. If you are using this default SSID, then your neighbor’s can easily guess it and try to login to the network. It is better to change the SSID after the configuration. The steps for changing the SSID are discussed on the Belkin router website. The SSID must not contain any name, personal information or phone number. Some of the best examples of SSID includes Youareawesome, darkbed, Iwillmarryyou and many more.

Setting the right password

To set a strong password for your router’s SSID, you can include special characters and numbers. This password is required for the authentication of a person on the network. If you are going to connect any new device to the network, then you will have to enter the password for it. Once it gets verified, you can start accessing the internet thereafter. The following things must be kept in mind while setting a password.

  • It should be minimum of 8 characters.
  • It includes uppercase and lower case characters along with special characters.
  • Try to add some phrase in the password field as it is difficult to guess.
  • Don’t add any address, name of the child or phone number in the password field.
  • Enter the new password twice to confirm it.

So, we hope you have understood how important it is for you to change the SSID and default password of Belkin router from the security point of view. If you are having any doubt, you can contact Belkin experts.

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