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Why Belkin N600 Is Such A Popular Wireless Router?

belkin n600 setup

The Belkin N600 is a router designed for those who need more performance in day-to-day tasks, especially games that use network and streaming videos. The point that most caught our attention is a feature called MultiBeam, the ability of the router to “boost” the signal to the connected devices and provide a greater transfer capacity.

Explaining in a slightly more didactic way: Imagine that your laptop and the N600 are separated by a wall, and before you establish a connection, Windows shows 4 signal bars. After typing the password and connecting to it, the bars will rise to 5 (which may vary from configuration to configuration) because the router “reads” that the laptop is in the network and centralizes the signal in it, improving the range and speed of streaming.

Although the antenna is internal, the reach of the N600 is quite satisfactory, especially since it is a dual-band model.

The structure of the N600 is another highlight. It is so light that it feels as if it’s hollow, with side curves that appear to be quite resistant to falls. On the front, there is only one LED, avoiding the rule of one LED per connection of conventional routers, and the WPS button for easy pairing of devices. This was a rather daring move by Belkin, who don’t like to make the room turn a nightclub at night with several blinking LEDs but also makes it a bit difficult to detect errors.

We honestly like this approach because we rarely find anything useful in an individual LED for each device. Either it is working or it is not, and if it gives any error, we will have to restart it anyway, correct?

Continuing on the back, we have an input for the modem and four Ethernet outlets – nothing much different from previous models, but there is also a USB port. It can be used to connect a printer and share it on the network, but we believe that plugging an external hard drive is much more productive.

Setting up the N600 is simple enough. There is an installation CD that automates the process, but since we are “old-fashioned”, we configure everything manually via the local network, using the access data available at the bottom of the model, a task that was surprisingly fast. First steps: change the SSID and password (WEP, WPA, and WPA2 available), but there are important features that we made sure to set up next.

The first one is QoS (Quality of Service), something that is, fortunately, becoming standard on the most current routers. QoS is especially valuable to those who usually leave a machine free 24 hours a day and do not want to face delays in opening Netflix on the television in the room, prioritizing traffic according to user preference. We set up streaming and navigation in the first place and we do not have problems with a torrent client connected with several available seeders.

The N600 works with ‘b’, ‘g’ and ‘n’ frequencies, the latter in both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, capable of speeds up to 300 Mbps and with (which in Brazil is useful only for local transfers, since the providers’ premium packages reach a maximum of 100 Mbps, at an unpleasant price).

A bit more advanced features like DMZ, useful for anyone who controls the network, firewall, MAC filter, and custom DNS assignment also present then. It is also possible to create a network for guests, something especially useful for those who do not like to give the network password for visits, which will be restricted to a separate network with no possibility of accessing the router’s settings, then point to security.

What’s in the box:

  • Belkin N600 Router
  • Energy Adapter
  • Installation CD
  • Ethernet cable

If you are looking for an efficient router that can provide you with high-speed internet on a constant basis, then Belkin N600 is the one to opt.

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