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What Steps Are Required To Fix ‘No Wi-Fi Access’ Message From The Computer Screen?

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At some instances, you will find ‘No Wi-Fi access’ message on the computer screen. The first thing which you will check is the router connected to the computer whether it is turned on or not. Apart from this, most of the users will check whether the router is receiving the signal from the ISP or not. However, the causes of this problem are still not clear to the users and they are searching the solution online.

The steps to fix the ‘No-Wi-Fi access’ from computer screen are given here as follows:

  1. Place the router close to the wireless device like a computer or laptop.
  2. Check the LED lights of a wireless router for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If no LED is on, then check the power source and the power button given on the hardware. If the LED blinks, then it means the device is turned on.
  3. Blinking LED also indicates the transmission of the signal. When the signal is transmitted from the receiver to the client, then you will find the LED start blinking fast. For more information, go to Belkin 600 support.
  4. Check if the wireless adapter, devices and Mac book is showing any early signal or symptoms.
  5. Connect the computer to the Belkin router via a wired connection. This type of connection is considered best from the speed and performance point of view.
  6. Check the TCP/IP settings of your internet from router login. Go to the router login page and check if all the settings are properly configured or not. You can also check the settings from the computer ‘Control panel’. Go to ‘Network and sharing center’ followed by ‘Manage network connections’.
  7. Select IP4 or IP6 depending on the type of device you are going to connect to the internet.
  8. Click ‘Properties’ to check the internet settings’.
  9. To get IPV4 details, click on ‘Obtain IP address on its own’.
  10. The same step can be applied to receiving IPV6 settings.
  11. Click ‘Done’ to complete.
  12. Check the parental control menu and see if any device is disabled from your end. If your computer name falls under the blocked list, you will find a problem in connecting to the internet from it. Remove the computer from the list and try accessing internet thereafter. If you want to enable this feature at specific time intervals, then set the time slot from Time management settings.

After applying the steps cited above, you will be able to fix ‘No Wi-Fi access’ message from the computer screen. These steps will work for other models of the Belkin router as well.

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