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What Should I Do If The Belkin Wireless Router Cannot Transmit 300M?

At present, Belkin wireless routers are compliant with the 802.11n standard. Some people use the Belkin wireless router, but they do not reach the high-speed connection that 802.11n should have. This situation is very common, but it needs to be solved or else what’s the use of having a premium quality router when people are not being able to access high-speed internet. If you want to know as to how to access 802.11n standard on your Belkin Router, then you need to go through below-mentioned steps.

  1. Go through Belkin router settings

Log in to the management page of the Belkin Wireless Router to set the wireless mode to 802.11n mode in the wireless settings.

  1. Check the wireless network card

Check whether the wireless network card supports 802.11n mode. The old wireless network card is 802.11g. It cannot support 802.11n mode. The speed limit is 54Mbps or lower, so the speed is not up. Please replace the wireless network card.

  1. Check whether the product belongs to the Wi-Fi Alliance

Try to use the Belkin wireless card and use the same vendor’s networked devices to avoid possible incompatibilities. The reason why the Wi-Fi Alliance is to certify wireless networking products is to ensure that vendors are developing devices simultaneously.

  1. Use WPA2 encryption

The latest wireless 802.11n standard does not support the old WEP, so the connection speed using this type of encryption will be limited to 54 Mbps. In addition, WPA encryption cannot provide maximum wireless performance on 802.11n networks, so WPA2 encryption should be used.

A router is a device that connects to a wide range of LANs (local area networks) and WANs (wide area networks) on the Internet. A router selects and set the routes automatically after checking the conditions of the channel, and then, it sends the signals in the right path and in order. The router is basically, the central point of the internet. Presently, routers are being widely used in various industries, and various grades of products have become the main force for realizing various internal backbone connections, backbone interconnections, and backbone networks and Internet interconnection services.

The main difference between a route and a switch is that the switch occurs at the second layer (data link layer) of the OSI reference model, and the route occurs at the third layer, the network layer. This difference determines that routing and switches need to use different control information in the process of moving information, so the way they implement their respective functions is different.

The above is the problem that the Belkin router can’t reach 300M high-speed transmission in 802.11n mode. You can try to solve the problem according to your own situation. If you have gone through all these steps, yet not able to fix the problem of not being able to access high-speed transmission in 802.11n mode, then you will have to get in touch with Belkin Router experts because only they can provide you with the right assistance regarding this issue.

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