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What Are The Methods Of Turning On Port Forwarding On Belkin N600 Setup?

belkin n600 setup

Are you quite curious to know the steps for activating the port forwarding on Belkin N600 setup? If yes, then the steps for the same are going to be discussed here as under. Port forwarding enables the user to check the firewall settings for web servers, FTP servers and gaming apps.

We are now going to discuss the port forwarding options available on Xbox gaming console with respect to Belkin N600 setup.

  • TCP port number 3074.
  • TCP port number 80.
  • TCP port number 53
  • TCP port number 88.

The port numbers are not fixed for every connection type. It varies from connection to connection. If you possess any other gaming console, then check the port number from the gaming manual provided with the box. If you are not having the gaming manual, you can contact the manufacturer.

Now coming to the steps for enabling the port forwarding:

  • Turn on the PC.
  • Launch the web browser and enter in the address bar. Press ‘Enter’. When you press the enter button, the login page will appear. If you get the error message on the screen, then it means the IP address has been changed recently.
  • Open ‘Login’ option and proceed with entering the username and password.
  • After entering the details, click to submit.
  • From the login screen, go to ‘Firewall settings’ given under ‘Settings’ menu.
  • You need to go to ‘Virtual servers’.
  • Click on the checkbox given in front of ‘Enable’ and enter the details in the further field accordingly.
  1. Enter 80 in the inbound port number. Select ‘TCP’ as a protocol type. Enter the IP address for the Xbox gaming console and set it as a private.
  2. For field labeled type 2, enter 88 number in the inbound field. Select ‘UDP’ for protocol type and enter the private IP address for the Xbox gaming console. Submit the details in the desired fields.
  3. If you are using Xbox3 type, then enter 3074 in the port number. You can select either UDP or TCP for protocol type. Enter private IP address in the gaming console IP address field and submit it diligently.
  4. For field labeled Xbox4, enter 53 in the port number and UDP or TCP for protocol type. Enter IP address for the Xbox console of your choice and press ‘Submit’. This will be submitted under the private port.
  5. Tap ‘Submit’ and apply changes. When you open the setup page again, the settings will automatically get configured.

Important: When you assign any port number to the device, the static IP must be configured because the port forwarding can be done only on single device at a time. Ensure that the IP address used for the Belkin setup is within the range.

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