Belkin Setup n600Belkin Wireless Router Setup

In What Manner You Can Configure Wireless Bridge With Belkin Wireless G Router?

belkin setup n600

In large buildings or offices, it becomes difficult for a single router to shed same signal strength on all corners. Connecting more than one router then becomes vital in such cases. If you are searching for a solution online, then we are going to walk you through the steps by which you can configure the Belkin G routers in a bridge mode. Enabling bridge mode will help in providing the proper signal strength at each corner of the house.

Router setup

  1. Give ‘A’ as a name to the router first and ‘B’ to second. Connect router A to the computer using Ether cable.
  2. Open the browser and enter the IP address of Belkin router in the web address field.
  3. Click ‘Login’ and sign-in with the correct password. If you want to leave this field as it is or without entering any password, then you can do so.
  4. Click ‘Submit’.
  5. Now different settings related to the IP address will be displayed on the screen. Click to enter the subnet mask address.
  6. Go to ‘Channel and SSID’.
  7. Set wireless mode and select SSID for protected mode.
  8. Go to ‘Security’ from the home page and enter ‘Security type’. Enter the passkey and save it by clicking on ‘Save’ button from the bottom end.
  9. Close the internet browser on your computer and disconnect the router from it.

How to set up a second router?

  • Connect the computer to any of the one port out of the four ports available on the router.
  • Launch browser again on the computer and enter in the address field.
  • Press ‘Enter’.
  • Click ‘Login’ and enter the password if prompted.
  • You will get the LAN settings on the screen. Note down all these settings in notepad for future.
  • Select channel SSID from the wireless menu and set the same value for the Router first. The channel modes must be similar on both the routers.
  • Over to ‘Security’ mode and select the security. Enter any passkey of your choice in the security option.
  • Tap ‘Apply changes’ to save details.
  • Go to IP address option and set other addresses for router A and B.
  • Turn off DHCP server settings for router A.
  • Now, launch a browser and enter the new IP address created by you for router A. Check if you are able to login or not.
  • Enable wireless bridging and select ‘Access point specific to router A’. Enter Mac address and mark it as AP1. Click to save changes.
  • Open Firewall settings of your computer and disable them for a while. Check the network access on your computer after disconnecting the router from Ether cable.

Similarly, you can configure router A on the network. The only difference in the settings is related to the Mac address and bridging mode. After this, check the router whether configured in the bridge mode or not by connecting the devices to that particular router.

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