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How We Can Connect Roku Media Player To Belkin Router?

belkin setup n600

No doubt, Roku media player offers best and seamless streaming experience on your TV but the experience can be enhanced or improved by using Belkin router for connecting it to the internet. Belkin router is best known for its performance in the market of networking devices.

There are mainly 2 ways to connect the Roku to the Belkin router. One is through wireless medium and another one is via wired. If you connect the devices wirelessly, botheration of placing the devices nearer to each other will no longer exist. You can place them anywhere around the home. However, in a wired connection, you will have to connect the router to the Roku player via Ethernet cable.

To start with the process, check the internet connectivity on the router first followed by mobile. If there is a speed problem or the bandwidth is limited, you can contact the internet service provider. They will troubleshoot the problem from their end. Apart from this, you must enable DHCP settings from the router.

Steps for configuring the media player using a wired connection

  1. To connect the Roku to the Belkin, you need an Ether cable which is available in the Belkin box.
  2. Connect one end of the cable to the Roku port and another to the Ethernet port of the router.
  3. Connect the devices to the power supply and turn them on.
  4. From Roku remote, go to ‘Wired’ when asked for the connection type. This option is available under ‘Network’. Read on-screen instructions from Roku media player page.

These steps will let you connect the Roku media player to the Belkin router via the wired medium. If you want to set up using wireless medium, then go through the steps mentioned here as under. You need to have SSID and password of your network in hand before starting with the configuration process. Turn on the Wi-Fi and broadcast SSID

  1. First of all, connect the Roku to the power supply via an adapter and turn it on. Wait, till the home screen appears on the TV.
  2. Press ‘Next’ two-three times to go to the required page.
  3. Select ‘Wireless’ from the connection type menu. After this, the Roku will start searching for available Wi-Fi. If you want the Roku to detect the router’s SSID faster, place both the devices close to each other because the signal strength and distance are inversely proportional to each other in case of network connectivity.
  4. Select SSID from the list and enter the desired password in the ‘Passkey’ field. The password is always case-sensitive. If you have not changed the password, enter the default one which is engrossed at the back of the Belkin hardware. Click ‘Remember password’.

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