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How To Troubleshoot ‘Unable To Connect To Wireless Network’ Issue In Belkin N600 Router?

Belkin wireless router allows your home network to have a seamless wireless performance. However, you should not take Belkin Wireless Router for granted because it can experience problems any time, but then, those problems can be fixed quickly as well. Belkin wireless router can experience wireless connectivity related issues due to incompatible security settings and other obstructions. If you want to know the reasons behind the inability of the Belkin n600 Setup to the wireless network, then read on.

Distance from the router

To make sure that the wireless connection is stable, you need to ensure that the computer is within the range of your router’s wireless network. Computers too may experience problems connecting to the wireless networks due to interference from wireless devices kept within proximity such as microwave ovens and cordless phones, etc. To make sure that nothing interferes with the wireless connection, you need to change the channel of your router.

Incorrect wireless key/password

Note: In cases where you have changed the name and password of your router’s network, you may have to log into your router’s web-based setup page in order to verify the settings.

Outdated adapter drivers

There is no doubt upon the fact that the computer’s wireless adapter performs better if the drivers are up-to-date. You need to check the compatibility of the wireless adapter with wireless-AC, N, G, A or B standards. You can also get in touch with your hardware manufacturer to know the complete specifications of your wireless adapter.

Note: It is important for you to check the connectivity of other wireless devices that are connected to the network. The router should work fine if all other devices have good wireless connectivity to the network.

Quick Tip: In order to isolate the wireless connectivity issue, you can try to connect your PC to other wireless networks that you think are secure.

Enabling of wireless MAC address on the router

There is a special feature named ‘MAC address filtering’ in every Belkin router, which allows you to specify the wireless devices that you want to permit on your wireless network. You may have to add the MAC address of your PC or device that you would like to add to the router’s MAC address filtering list because the feature is going to allow the registered devices to connect to the network.

Outdated Router Firmware

On many occasions, we have found that firmware updates have been able to fix the issues on the router. If all the wireless computers and devices that you are using are facing issues connecting to the wireless network, then you may have to update the firmware of the router.

These were the reasons for facing wireless network issues along with their solutions. If you have tried all the aforementioned steps, yet not able to fix the issues, then you can get in touch with Belkin Setup n600 help and support providers.




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