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How To Troubleshoot The Rare Failure Occurring In Belkin Routers?

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Any administrator will have various unexpected configuration errors when starting the router, routing protocol configuration error, IP address, and mask error, ACL error, no configuration after modifying the configuration, etc. Today we will introduce some of the uncommon faults in the Belkin router. We hope you could fix the issue you are facing in your Belkin Router by following the below-mentioned steps:

Issue 1: An ACL is a list of commands applied to an interface of a router. This list tells the router which packets should be received and which must be disabled to achieve the effect of data filtering. This is a means to effectively control network security. The writing of this list involves several parameters such as source address, a destination address, and port number.

  1. ACL is executed sequentially, and there will be a default, invisible deny any statement at the end of all ACLs, that is, any communication is prohibited. Therefore, when defining an ACL, there is at least one PERMIT statement, otherwise, the access list is meaningless.
  2. There may be a wrong port number used in the ACL, the order of the ACL statement is not appropriate, or the wildcard is not correct, the interface application error, etc., these configuration errors are inevitable; the key is whether you can Learn the correct configuration repeatedly.

Issue 2: The password in the router has two places to set; there are two basic access modes when accessing the router: user mode and management mode.

  1. For security reasons, you need to set a password when entering these two modes. Although everyone knows that the password is the key to the administrator’s maximum authority, some people will forget it, and even some people set the password too simple. So that the hacker maliciously entered and modified the password.
  2. In case the password is lost, the router provides a password recovery method. In addition to the two basic access modes, the router also has an RXBOOT mode. In this mode, the router password can be conveniently restored. Of course, only the computer establishes a HyperTerminal through the CONSOLE port. After connecting, you can enter. Some routers provide a more convenient RESET button on the panel. You can restore the original password by resetting it a few times.

Issue 3: The wireless router configuration file is lost, which is also a relatively rare fault.

  1. After the router is booted, the system first searches the saved Startup-Config file in NVRAM to configure the system. If a Startup-Config file exists in the NVRAM, the file is loaded into RAM and executed one by one. Then, according to the commands in the configuration file, interface address setting and routing processing are performed. If the Startup-Config file cannot be successfully booted, the system enters Setup mode to perform the initial configuration of the router in human-machine dialog mode.
  2. That is to say, if the startup configuration file is lost, the system cannot configure the router specifically and cannot complete the required functions. To restore the configuration file, you must first connect to the router and copy the backup configuration on the computer to NVRAM through TFTP. Therefore, every time you modify the configuration of the router, you must do a backup job.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone knows how to deal with these uncommon faults. For more details, please refer to the TP-link router settings of this site.

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