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How To Troubleshoot Internet Connection Issue With Belkin Router?

belkin setup n600

There are occasions when you come across internet connection problem while connected to Belkin600. We have discussed some workarounds depending on different scenarios which will best suit you.

1st scenario: Both wired and wireless computers not connected to the internet

Disconnect modem, router, and computer from the power outlet and wait for half a minute. Re-plug the devices and let the router boot first. Wait till the lights get stable on all the devices. If you are still facing problem in connecting to the website, you can contact the internet service provider.

2nd Scenario: Problem with wired computers only

If there is no network on wired computer, then check the connections first and then lights on the router. Check that all the light corresponding to the connections are on and cables are properly fixed. Check whether the computer is acquiring an IP address from the router or not.

3rd scenario: Only wireless computers not receiving the network connection

Go through some factors affecting wireless clients:

  1. Network selection and security.
  2. Signal strength.
  3. Possible sources of interference.
  4. TCP/IP settings.

4th Scenario: Unable to connect to Wi-Fi

You need to check the wireless settings of the router before establishing link with the computer. You should know the correct SSID and password of your network. After getting the correct details, you can move forward to connect to the wireless network.

5th Scenario: Slow or sluggish wireless connection

One of the best ways to solve the intermittent connection problem is by changing the channel of router. If more than one device is using the same channel, it may create interference. You can either change it to lower or to higher one to improve the overall performance. The details about changing the channel on the Belkin router can be checked from website.

Another reason for getting a slow speed of internet on the device is distance. If the distance between the router and the device is maximum, you will get the performance issue. Place your computer or smart device near to the router and check if the problem is solved or not.

6th Scenario: Checking the wireless adapter.

Adapters are receivers of the router signal. If there is problem in detecting the wireless signal by the adapter, you will find problem with the internet connection and don’t forget to turn on ‘Wireless signal switch’. The instructions related to turning on/off of the switch are given in the computer manufacturer’s website. You can also check the drivers of the wireless adapter. If there is any update available, download and install it immediately. Enable WPA encryption on your router.

7th scenario: Outdated firmware

A firmware update contains all the instructions that can enhance the performance of your Belkin router. It also helps in fixing the bugs reported in the previous version. The steps to download and install the firmware on the router are given on the page.

We provide support for Belkin router, so if you want to do wireless router setup, password reset or fix network connectivity settings, then take our help. To know Belkin Setup n600 related issues, wifi extender not working issues and other range extender related issues, visit at the belkin’s support official website: Belkin n600 Setup

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