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How To Troubleshoot Home Network Belkin N600 Router Issues?

belkin n600 setup

After configuring the network on Belkin N600, if you fail to connect to the internet for some reason, then there is a need to pay attention. Perhaps, there is some problem with the hardware or some steps are missed from your side during setup. Use the below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot network problem on N600 router.

  1. Mismatched Wi-Fi security settings: This is one of the most common causes of network problem. If the settings on two different devices are incompatible or preventing each other from connecting, then go through the below-mentioned steps.
  • Network mode: A router ought to support all versions of Wi-Fi used in network clients. If you have configured a router in 802.11g, then it will not work with 802.11n or b. To fix this problem, you must use ‘Mixed’ mode.
  • Security mode: There are multiple security protocols available these days like WPA, WEP, and WPA2. All other devices connected to the network must support same security protocol.
  • Security key: This is passkey or phrase which is a combination of letters and digits. All the devices which are going to be connected to the network have to enter this passphrase with the respective router SSID. If your router supports more than one kind of security keys, then the devices must use the same kind of security key which allows them to connect to the network at different times.
  1. Mac Address restrictions: There is a filter called Mac Address which most of the routers these days support. This feature is disabled by default but you can enable it from ‘Admin’ function. This will limit the number of devices you can connect to the Mac Address. If you are facing problem in connecting a particular device to the network, then check the Mac Address filtering option whether it is on or off. The device must be available in the list of ‘Allowed network’ connections.
  2. Loose or disconnected cables: Occasionally, the router turns off due to loose cable connection or family unplugs the power from it without your knowledge. So, make sure that switch is on and receiving power from the inlet. Connect the cables firmly to the router and check the Ethernet cable. When you connect the connector to the router, it will make clicking sound. If you are still getting the problem, check the modem cables and re-attach them.
  3. Overheating or overloading: When you download large files or stream data for a longer time period, it causes overheating and router may stop working due to heavy load. Besides this, you will find the router will start disconnecting from other networking devices virtually. To fix this problem, turn off the router and allow it to cool down. If the problem still exists, then check the ventilation of your router. If the vents are blocked, clean them with soft cloth.

We know the best way of doing Belkin Setup N600, so if you have been trying to set up this particular model, but haven’t been able to do it properly, then you should perhaps get in touch with experts because they can assist you with the same.

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