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How To Setup N Series Belkin Router On Home Internet?

belkin n600 setup

N series Belkin routers are specifically designed to work under a situation where there is poor signal strength or the quality of the signal is not proper. You can use the N series Belkin router only after configuring on the home network. For this, there isn’t any need of installation CD. You can configure the router with the help of the guided manual.

Firstly, we will start with the restarting of the modem and router. In order to restart the modem and router, just disconnect the power adapter from the main supply and wait for 10 seconds. Now, turn on the devices and connect both devices together with the help of cable provided in the box.

If the power LED on the modem is not turned on, then check the power button from the back of it. This might be turned off accidentally.

Now, coming to the steps which are simple and easy to perform. Read all the steps carefully before implementing them.

  1. Link your router to the computer through cable i: e, Ethernet. You will find the port at the back of your devices.
  2. After step 1, turn on your computer and launch the browser program from the desktop.
  3. On your browser, enter the IP address of Belkin router which is written behind the hardware. Just copy it from there on your web address field.
  4. Press ‘Enter’.
  5. If you find the login page has not opened, you can check the address again. Another possible reason why you are not being able to open the login page is ‘Change of IP address’.
  6. Once login, go to ‘SSL security settings’ and select the type of security you want to set on the device.
  7. After step 6, you will have to choose any connection type out of the given options like ‘PPTP, PPPoE or Static’. If you find any other names then refer ‘WAN settings’ option.
  8. Tap Next.
  9. Continue to the next window till you find the ‘Save’ option.
  10. Click ‘Apply’ to save the changes at the end.

Start browsing the websites now from a smartphone or computer. If you are able to open the page, then it means the router is successfully connected. You can also check the ‘Status indicator’ from top of the screen.

To make any changes in your router page, later on, you can directly go to the login page and search for settings you want to modify. The following items will be displayed on the screen.

  • Check wireless security on the router.
  • Install Mac Address.
  • Enable port forwarding.
  • Enter the time and date on which you have made changes.

Tip: Keep on updating the password for your router as it is prone to certain online attacks.

Belkin Setup n600      |     Belkin n600 Setup

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