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How to set a security password on your Belkin600 wireless router?

belkin setup n600

The primary function of the router is that it allows you to connect your phone, laptop or even tablet to the home network without connecting physically. It works as a wireless medium between the modem and the smart device.  You can start browsing the internet from any device which is connected to the router’s SSID.

Now, we want to walk you through the security setup which is available on Belkin600 wireless router. Have you ever tried to check the security of your router? If not, then after reading the content from this page, you will come to know about the steps for settings Passphrase for the router’s SSID and check the current status. If no password or security system is configured, your router can be easily accessed from any device whether from home or neighbor.

Once you configure a passkey, no third person can directly access the website until or unless he knows the password for router login.

  1. Switch on the computer and connect Belkin router to it through Ethernet cable.
  2. Go to start menu and select ‘control panel’ from the list of programs.
  3. Search for ‘Devices’ under control panel and click on the name of the router.
  4. You will find drop-down menu gets opened on the screen, Click to update drivers. Wait for the downloading gets finished. It will take 5 minutes maximum.
  5. Close the window.
  6. Enter the IP address of your router in the address field of internet browser from your computer. You can check the IP address from the back of your device. Click ‘Login’.
  7. Don’t enter any password in the password field given next to the login. Tap to ‘Submit’ and save settings. Go to top of the screen and select ‘Wireless’ from the list.
  8. After clicking on Wireless, go to ‘security’ and check the mode which is currently set. You can now edit the security method according to preference. If you don’t know anything about the settings, click on the ‘Help’ link.
  9. The best security type is ‘128 bit WEP’. It is one of the safest security methods.
  10. Click ‘Generate’ from the bottom left of the screen or depending on the type of device from which you are configuring.  After this, no one can log in to the account without a password.
  11. Yes, if you have left the password field blank, then anyone can easily connect to your home network.
  12. Tap to apply the changes.

In case, you are not satisfied with the current settings you can log in to the account and change the settings further. There are different security types like WPA2, WEP, and WPA out of which you can select any.

We have been delivering the best support for Belkin Wireless router and Belkin Setup n600. If you are using a router of this particular brand and want to know how to set it up, then go through our Belkin wireless Router setup related information. You will find all the details regarding the setup of Belkin router, or you can visit the Belkin’s Support Official Website:

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