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How To Resolve NAT Issues On Belkin 600 Router?

NAT stands for Network Address translation which is used to translate the public address to private IP address and vice versa. It also offers security to the private IP address by hiding it from the rest of the world.

Gaming consoles are prone to NAT issues mostly and effect the gaming experience. Nevertheless, to say, these problems can be resolved by changing the settings of your Belkin router. If there is ‘Firewall built-in’ in your router, then this may block some ports. In order to get rid of this, do port forwarding or Port triggering. After opening the ports, you can resolve the issues related to NAT. In this manner, your gaming consoles will start working normally.

For opening the ports of your router, you need to change the IP settings from dynamic to static. This will complete the setup process. The detailed steps are given here as under:

Important: To start with the router modifications, you must ensure that the gaming console has Open NAT while connecting it to the modem directly bypassing the router.

You will find 3 different NAT types in your gaming consoles when it comes to connectivity to other players over a network.

  • Open NAT: This NAT indicates the ability of your gaming console to connect to the host games and any other games online. The users on the same network will be able to play the game you are hosting.
  • Moderate NAT: This means the connectivity is not limited. Though you can easily connect to the other players but functions will remain limited.
  • Strict NAT: This means that connectivity to the other players is limited or other players have strict NAT that will not allow you to join gaming session.

In case you are coming across strict or moderate NAT issues, you can try the below-mentioned things for opening router NAT:

Check NAT capability of the modem: If the modem is capable of NAT, then the best NAT type for the gaming console is ‘Strict NAT’ type. As we all know very well that the NAT capabilities are within the router itself, so you do need to configure the DSL modem in bridge modem.

Why this works: There is a good number of modems maintaining the same IP address and subnet as that of the routers. So, to avoid any interference, you must use DSL in bridge mode which will make it work as a public IP address.

Check IP configurations of the gaming console

If static IP address is assigned to the gaming console, then check the range of it. It should be within the IP segment of the network. For details related to IP configuration, contact gaming console manufacturer.

Note: Apart from this, you can try a DHCP-assigned IP address. If you have DHCP assigned an IP address, then the range of the IP must be within that of the network segment.

Configuring port forwarding: Enable port forwarding on the router for connection to pass through it easily. If you want to know about the steps for enabling port forwarding on the router, you can click on the respective link. For Belkin dashboard interface, log in to the router.

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