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How To Reset Your Belkin N600 Router And Regain Access After Losing The Password?

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Forgetting the router access password can generate a headache for network users. However, we have brought some good news: there is a way to solve the problem. Unfortunately, to regain access it is necessary to reset the router to its factory settings. This means that you need to set up the machine again.

However, you will now learn how to do this in the simple steps of this tutorial. The below-mentioned steps are for Belkin N600 Router, but the steps are somewhat common for all routers, so it doesn’t matter which brand of router you are using, you’d still be able to reset the router and gain access to your password again.

Before you begin, please be advised that during the process it is necessary to know data such as IP, user and default password of the router. This information can be found on the body of the device. If you do not find them, they are obligatorily indicated in the manual (which can also be found on the manufacturer’s website). If you know how to find that information, then great, but if not, then please get in touch with Belkin Router help and support as they can only help you find that important information.

Step 1: Switch on your Belkin N600 Router.

Step 2: Look for a small hole in the router called “Reset”, which is usually on the back of the device. If you cannot find it, take a look at the manual that the information will be there.

Step 3: Push the “Reset” button with a very fine object, such as the tip of a pen or a piece of the clip, and press for 15 seconds (or the time stated in the manual) and then remove.

Step 4: Then go to a computer and run a browser. Then enter the router’s default access IP address (entered on the device or manual) in the browser bar and hit “Enter”.

Step 5: If prompted, enter the default user and device password (also reported on the router or in the manual).

Step 6: Inside the router panel, look for the password option and click it once found. In this case, it is “System Tool”, followed by “Password Setting”. Then change the default password to the one you want and save the change by clicking the button corresponding to that function. The button can have the name “Save”, “Apply” or something like that, depending on the brand of equipment used.

Step 7: To be sure of the change, look for the option to reboot the router and access it. Within it, click the option to restart and confirm by clicking the button corresponding to this function. This button can have the name “Reboot”, “Restart” or something, depending on the equipment used. If prompted, confirm the restart.

Ready! After restarting, try to access the router and use the new password. Your device now has a new access code and if necessary, configure it for your network. That sums up the process of resetting Belkin N600 router and getting access to your password again.

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