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How to identify Malware and viruses in the Belkin router? Know the easy steps to protect it

Routers are susceptible to online attacks. Attackers always take benefit of lethargic router manufacturers and attacks on a numerous number of routers. By using some tips and tricks, you can easily find out whether your router has been hacked or not.

Router developers keep on developing the routers without bothering its security measures and updates which is why they remained open to attack.

Attackers always change the DNS settings of the router and redirect the website to phishing websites. When you try to open any website, you will find something else showing up on the screen in the form of ads, explicit content or some irrelevant messages.

Some people can easily find out the problem happening with website encryption. In phishing websites, you will not find HTTPS encryption.

You will find ads, drives and moreover, the results will be re-directed to different web-pages. This all is done with the help of Google analytics which attackers use for injecting ads on various pages. If you are browsing any news website and find pornographic contents on it, then it means your router is at risk.

How to identify?

As discussed in the above passage, if you find the router DNS server is changed or modified, then attackers must have hacked your router. To check the DNS server address and details from Belkin router, you need to open the ‘Login’ page from the browser and go to ‘Check DNS network gateway’ option. From here, start reading on-screen instructions to get to the DNS servers.

Login with default credentials and open ‘DNS settings’. You will find under ‘WAN or internet connection settings’. If these are changed to ‘Manual’ from ‘Automatic’, then it means your router is being compromised. If the option is still ‘Automatic’, then don’t do any changes.

You can disable the malicious DNS server either by contacting the ISP or enter the valid DNS address by checking from the website.

To remove any kind of malicious address from the router, you need to factory reset it by pressing the reset button. Once you have done with it, follow on-screen instructions to secure against attacks thereafter.

How to secure your router against online malware?

With the help of below mentioned steps, you can easily secure your router against malware.

  • Download and install latest firmware: Check the firmware version installed in the router and if any update is available, download and install it immediately.
  • Disable remote access: Don’t allow remote access to the administrative page of the router.
  • Change password: Change password of your router you use to login to the administrative page otherwise, hackers can easily get through the login page after stealing the default password.
  • Disable UPnP: Disable UPnP of your router if possible as it is vulnerable to attacks through a local network. UPnP can easily trust the entries coming through the local network.
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