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How To Hook Up Belkin Wireless Internet?

belkin n600 setup

The Belkin router allows you to set up a wireless internet connection in your home or office to allow users to share files and a broadband internet connection with their computers without using cables. When using a router, you have access to files, hard drives, printers, and CD/DVD drives on every computer on the network. You can set up a Belkin wireless router in a few minutes.


  1. Place the router next to your internet modem with the antennas up. Find the network cable that connects the modem and the computer. The ends of the cable look like a telephone plug. Disconnect the plug from the back of your modem and plug it into a gray port on the back of the router. These ports are numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  2. Locate the network cable. A network cable is included in the box when you purchased the router. Plug one end of the network cable into the yellow port on the back of the router and connect the other end to the back of your modem.
  3. Plugin the modem power cord into a power outlet. Wait 60 seconds for the modem to boot. Plug the router power into the black port on the back. Plug the other end of the power supply into a power outlet.
  4. Wait 20 seconds for the router to start. Make sure the “wired” and “router” icons on the display on the front of the router are lit in blue. If they are not, check all connections.
  5. Close all open programs on your computer. Switch off all firewall software. Locate the firewall icon that you use in the System Tray by moving the clock in the lower right corner of the screen. Right-click and choose “Exit”. Close the antivirus software on your computer in the same way.
  6. Insert the router installation CD that came with the router into the CD drive on your computer. The Setup Assistant will start automatically and you will see it on the screen of your computer within 15 seconds. Click on “Go” to start the set. If the CD does not start automatically, click “Start”, “Computer” and double-click the file named “SetupAssistant.”
  7. Click the checkbox to the right of the arrow to confirm that you have completed the connection installation steps, and then click the “Start” button at the bottom. Click on ‘Next’ and the configuration assistant will start to configure your router. You will see a progress screen when every step is completed. The Setup Assistant will examine the network settings of your computer in addition to the information needed to complete the router’s connection to the internet. The Setup Assistant will check the hardware connections.
  8. Name the wireless network. The Setup Assistant will display the default wireless network name of your network. You can use the default name or change it to something else that is unique. Note the name of the network for future use. Click on “Next” to continue.
  9. Enter the username and password for your Internet account if necessary. Select your country in the drop-down box. The Setup Assistant will configure next to the router by sending data to the router and restarting. Wait for the instructions on the screen. Do not use cables or disconnect the router during this process. The Setup Assistant next checks your internet connection. You will see “Congratulations” on the screen when the router connects to the internet successfully.

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