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How To Fix Issues Reported While Opening

By default, the IP address of Belkin router is This address is for accessing the web-based setup page of the router.

You can also use the software that came with Belkin router for accessing the web-based setup if you are facing the below-mentioned issues during setup:

  • Setup not working.
  • Advance settings required for applications.
  • Verification of wireless settings.

To open the web-based setup page, open any browser like Chrome, Mozilla and internet explorer and enter in the address space.

How to fix issues reported when accessing

Accessing of router web-based setup page can be objected by certain reasons. Go through the list of possible problems written below and perform troubleshooting steps accordingly.

  1. Check Ethernet cable: The cable should be properly connected to the router and to the computer. If you are still facing a problem, replace the cable.
  2. Check the IP address provided by the router: The computer must have a valid IP address in order to communicate to the router for accessing the web-setup page. The IP address should be within the range of the IP segment.
  3. Ensure that you are entering the right IP address: Check the IP address of your router thoroughly before attempting to connect to it. The default settings of the router may not work properly if you have customized the settings earlier.
  4. Check if any IP conflict is there: The IP conflict takes place if there is more than one device with the same IP address. This case generally reported where the modem is provided by the internet service provider and you have also connected the Belkin router. You will find difficult to access the setup page if modem and router have the same IP address. To resolve the problem, turn off the modem or disconnect modem from the router. Connect router directly to the computer.
  5. Incorrect password: For every router, there is a login password which is required for setup. Enter the IP address of router followed by ‘login’ and click on ‘Submit’.
  6. Check the web browser issue: If you are getting a problem with the web-based setup page accessing for your router, then check the browser or try an alternate browser. Clear the browser cache and history may sometimes resolve the problem. If pop-ups are blocked on your browser, then enable for some time. Steps for clearing browsing history on most of the browsers are:
  7. Firefox: Go to ‘History’ and click ‘Clear recent history’. You can also select the items one by one to clear from history. Close the window and try accessing again.

Internet Explorer: Go to ‘Tools’ then to ‘Delete Browsing history’. If you want to delete several items, select the same and tap ‘Delete’. Close browser and reopen it.

  1. Reset router’s settings: To reset the router and its settings, click and hold the ‘Reset’ button for at least 10 seconds. For more instructions, go to ‘Reset router’ link.

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