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How To Fix Channel Interference Problem On Belkin Wireless Router?

belkin wireless router setup

One of the reasons why your router is not performing well on the network is the channel interference caused by other devices. As we know all the electronic devices transmit their signals in a frequency range of 2.4 to 5 GHz, so it devices working at the same frequency may affect the signal.

Electronic devices at home like a cordless phone, door openers, Microwave oven, and monitors use the same frequency band. Any device if operating at the same frequency will lead to channel interference problem and affect the performance.

Similarly, wireless networks of neighbors use the same radio frequency. Especially when the walls of your house are common, the interference may occur.

How Wi-Fi channels actually work?

The 2.4 GHz channel is subdivided into further bands or smaller channels. In most of the countries, you will find a set of channels you can select from.

What steps are required to change or find the Wi-Fi channel you are using?

To check the wireless channel of your Belkin router, you need to go to ‘Administrative page’ from the wireless section. From here, you can change the Wi-Fi channel.

If you are using a Belkin router, go to ‘Advanced setup’ then to ‘Wireless’. From here go to the ‘Advanced’ option again and change the channel from the drop-down menu. It is very simple to change the channel from settings. If this option is not available in your router, you can search ‘WLAN’ option from the main menu.

To check the currently configured channel on your router, open mobile or desktop app. From there, you can check the channel of your router as well as of your WLAN.

The advantage of getting channel information on the screen is that you can easily select another band or channel which is available for your device in order to remove channel interference.

Internet still slow after changing the channel?

If after changing the channel of your wireless router, you are still getting poor signal strength, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Check the position of your wireless router: If you have placed the router at a far distance from the modem or other networking devices, then you will find the problem in using the internet. Change the position of the router and find the best place to relocate it.
  2. Test network speed: Either you have subscribed low subscription plan or there is a problem with the network. If the former one is the reason, then pay more for faster communication. You can contact ISP to change the current plan. If required, buy a new router or update the existing one.
  3. Your computer might be slow: If you are using a computer for accessing the internet browser, then do check the performance or speed of a computer. It might be working slowly. To speed up the computer, clear all the previous data and cache files from it. To clear the cache from the browser, go to ‘Internet option’ from the top right corner of the screen.

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