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How To Find The Default IP Address Of Your Belkin 600 Router?

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For your information, we want to mention here that the Home routers are having two different IP addresses. One for connecting outside the network and the other one is for connecting to the devices within the network like smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

You can get the outside IP from ISP. For local networking, a private IP address is provided by the router manufacturer. Here, we are talking of Belkin routers for which the default IP is

What is Router’s default IP Address?

When a router gets manufactured, it is provided with a unique IP address. The value depends on the brand and model number of the router.

If you are to change the wireless password, setup port forwarding or enable Dynamic host configuration, then you must know the address to connect to the router’s console.

If any device is connected to the Belkin router through an IP address, then it can access the Belkin console through its browser.

The address is also known by default gateway. In computer OS, you will also find it by name of Network configuration address.

Default username and passwords

To go to the router console, you have to enter the default username and password. You can change the default details once login to the router. If you want to keep the username and password as it is, then try the following

Default username: Admin.

Default password: Admin, password.

In case you have changed the default password or lost the new one, then you can easily reset and enter the default credentials. To reset the router, press the black button from the back of the device. Keep it pressed for 30 seconds.

A brief introduction to Belkin router reset

  • When you reset your Belkin600 router, it will reset all network settings and IP details to default. Even if you have changed the administrator details, it will set to default again.
  • Resetting is required only in a situation if you have updated the incorrect settings or entered wrong data more than the exceeded limit. If you have recently updated firmware version, then it may stop the router from responding.
  • Unplug power by disconnecting the adapter from a socket. It will revert IP to defaults. It will soft reset the Belkin600 router.

How to change the Router’s Default IP address?

  1. When you turn on the Belkin router, the private network address remains unchanged. In order to avoid any address conflict with modem address, you must change the default IP address of the router.
  2. Its tendency of the user to keep the same IP address as it is easier for them to remember. However, no advantage can be gained by keeping the same IP address on both the devices.
  3. When you change the router’s default IP address, it will not change the settings or subnet address. Moreover, it doesn’t change any connections to the internet.

There are some ISP’s which keeps track and authorize home networks according to the MAC address of router’s or modem but not the local IP address.

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