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How To Connect A Belkin Router To A Computer Without Ethernet?

belkin setup n600

Belkin International, Inc. has been a computer hardware manufacturer since 1983 and, in the last two decades, specializing in network devices and components aimed at the domestic market. Since the beginning of 2000, Belkin has produced a wide variety of Internet routers for use in the home and small business.

To connect a personal computer to a Belkin router, Ethernet cable or a wireless connection can be used to establish the network interface with the router. If an Ethernet cable is not available, the connection to a Belkin router can be completed wirelessly.

In order to pursue the process, you will need a Wi-Fi enabled computer or laptop, which I guess is not that difficult to get these days. Desktop computers with Wi-Fi functionality will be a bit difficult, but if you know where to look for those, then you will be able to find one.

  1. On the computer screen, “Right Click” on the image of two computer screens, which is the network icon in Windows XP and Vista.
  2. “Select” on the menu button that is displayed in the pop-up menu that says “View Available Wireless Networks”. Then “Click” the wireless network that the Belkin Router is transmitting from the list of networks the computer is within range of the connection. If the Belkin router is new, the default name “Belkin” will be the default name of the wireless network. If the Belkin router is pre-existing then you will need to ask the router owner for the name of the Belkin router to select (also called the SSID).
  3. Left Click Belkin network in order to establish a network connection with the Belkin router.
  4. Enter the wireless network key if the Belkin network has a built-in encryption key. You will need to have the network key of the owner or network administrator of the Belkin router in order to successfully connect to the router. Once the computer has successfully connected to the wireless network, there will be a “network-connected” menu notification. After this message is received, close the wireless network connection screen and you are connected to by selecting the next screen icon (red X in the upper right corner of the dialog box) or the menu button in “Close”. There is no need to connect to the Belkin router with an Ethernet cable to connect a wireless-enabled desktop or laptop to the router.

I guess that was simple, right? If you are still not able to connect your Belkin Router to the computer without Ethernet cable, then you will have to consult Belkin Router support providers because they can only guide you regarding this issue.

We know the best way of doing Belkin Setup N600, so if you have been trying to set up this particular model, but haven’t been able to do it properly, then you should perhaps get in touch with experts because they can assist you with the same.

Belkin n600 Setup

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